Company History

Over the years, AMM has expanded to meet the growing needs of its clients and has built a solid management, operational and service infrastructure. Capital investments have been made in equipment and software to handle the complex levels of business required. AMM has used the EZ-CAP information management software since 1995 and is an active participant in its User Groups and Advisory Council. AMM has taken initiative to enhance reports generated by EZ-CAP in order to meet the growing reporting requirements mandated by CMS, HEDIS, CalOPTIMA, Medicare, etc. AMM has also developed and authored its own proprietary software. Through its ability to provide health plans with current and concise credentialing information, AMM is able to expedite health plan contracting submissions, and has maintained a “delegated” status for credentialing for many years.

In addition to the tangible and technical services provided by Advanced Medical Management, there are benefits available that are the result of years of consistent and compliant performance with industry and health plan regulations. As part of the normal operational review and oversight requirements of this industry, AMM has successfully passed countless audits and is well regarded by the plans. AMM has been effective in modifying and creating policies and procedures that comply with regulation and enhance existing methodologies. AMM has developed relationships with plan personnel at multiple levels and in varied sections. These relationships are carefully maintained so that information and dynamics in the marketplace are available to AMM and its clients. AMM’s ability to comply at a level that makes things easier for the plans is an expectation AMM believes must exist to maintain its solid working relationship with the plans.

AMM has been able to maintain maximum flexibility in the changing healthcare industry due in large part to its corporate structure and resistance to burdening the company with any long-term debt. Stephen Hegstrom, President and sole shareholder, has financed the growth of AMM by reinvesting profits back into the company and has avoided external interests. Without any financial ties or ownership participation by outside entities, AMM does not have an “alternative agenda”. AMM is focused on its physician clients, and meeting their needs has always provided for AMM’s needs. AMM prefers close client relationships with physician groups where openness and trust are evident. AMM seeks to provide answers to client needs that are customized and yet consistent with industry standards.

AMM has never marketed its services through direct mailing or commercial advertisements. All of AMM’s business has come as a result of client referrals. Through the years, AMM has successfully grown its business by providing superior client service and accomplishing those objectives it was contracted to achieve. AMM’s reputation with the health plans has made business easier for its clients as well as garnering referrals for business from the plans themselves. AMM believes that in order for the company to be successful it must make its clients successful. In the process, AMM has built confidence with its clients, a solid reputation with the health plans, and awareness of the company throughout the healthcare community.