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AMM successfully manages thousands of concurrently enrolled managed care lives for IPA clients, in Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Santa Clara and Imperial counties.  We are also the Fiscal Intermediary for Fresno County, Orange County Healthcare Agency, Sacramento County PEMS, and the TPA for the County Medical Services Program in 35 California Counties.  We have complied with strict government and health plan regulations in all aspects of managed healthcare services. We have prepared for and passed thousands of health plan audits conducted by AETNA, *Blue Cross, Blue Shield, *Care1st, CIGNA, *Community Health Plan, FHP, *Foundation Health, *Health Net, *Maxicare, Met Life, *Molina, PacifiCare, Prudential, *Universal Care, United Health Care, and *UHP Healthcare (*denotes health plans with managed Medi-Cal product lines). We have also successfully passed rigorous audits by CalOPTIMA, Inland Empire Health Plan, and L. A. Care, the Medi-Cal agencies in Orange, San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties. AMM has consistently maintained full delegated status for its clients. AMM has also had its services successfully audited by Singer Traynor CPAs, Moss Levy & Hartzheim LLP, Licker & Ozuroavich CPAs, and OakRidge Consultants third party consulting firms under contract with AMM client organizations.

AMM has been able to maintain maximum flexibility in the changing healthcare industry due in large part to its corporate structure and resistance to burdening the company with any long-term debt. AMM has financed its growth by reinvesting profits back into the company and has avoided external interests. Without any financial ties or ownership participation by outside entities, AMM does not have an “alternative agenda”. AMM is focused on its physician client relationships where openness and trust are evident. AMM seeks to provide answers to client needs that are customized and yet consistent with industry standards.