Medi-Cal Care Coordinator


The Medi-cal Care Coordinator will assist in the provision of telephonic patient care under the guidelines of the AMM and in collaboration with the Care Management Team while maintaining a positive, caring, professional attitude.


  1. Must have Medi-cal knowledge

  2. Initiate Access program – Print list of calls for the day (Make sure all call dates have been updated before printing query).

  3. Proceed with daily phone calls as per list (call frequency determined by CM Manager or Designee), update and document all specifics on flow sheet and face sheet (including medications).

  4. Update access program daily with dates phoned, return phone call, next PCP appointment, last hospitalization, etc.

  5. Check fax machine periodically for hospital discharge papers.

  6. Complete HRA’s under the guidance of the Care Manager to assist with identifying problems and provide solutions to patients if able (i.e. schedule appointments, help arrange transportation, call in refills, etc.) Any clinical problems or concerns identified with patients based on phone call and/or record flow sheet notify Nurse for further follow-up and/or instructions. Coordinators are not allowed to assess clinical or instruct patients on disease process. Coordinator’s may reinforce and support patient education programs.

  7. Check hospital log daily and place High Risk patients on the board, in the hospital log, and update as needed.

  8. Check your voice mail periodically throughout the day and promptly return patient phone calls. If the patient’s problems can not be answered, let them know that a Nurse will follow-up and they will be contacted soon.

  9. All Coordinator’s charting is to be signed off by the Nurse. NO EXCEPTIONS!

  10. Be familiar with the contents of AMM Policy and Procedures and laws and regulations relating to Coordinator’s.

  11. Maintain patient safety and privacy. Confidentiality is core.

  12. Be flexible, pleasant and willing to help patients in any way needed.


  1. One years' experience in a physician office or clinic preferred or IPA/Group UM or CM department Coordinator preferred. But individuals with BA degree from recognized university will be considered and trained. Must have Medi-cal experience.