Financial Reporting and Analysis

As part of overall IPA management, AMM provides financial analysis and bookkeeping services. AMM does not provide professional accounting, CPA services or audited financial statements. AMM will, however, interface and cooperate with the client’s existing CPA and provide all detailed transaction data. AMM can consult with client’s CPA and make recommendations regarding managed care specific issues. Basic bookkeeping functions include:

  • Writing/printing checks with check register

  • Reconciling checking accounts

  • Issuing/printing invoices and tracking receivables

  • Tracking accounts payable

  • Generating 1099's and submission to IRS

  • Unaudited monthly income statements and balance sheet

  • Capitation Revenue reconciliation of PMPM contracts

The monthly package of financial reports includes:

  • Profit/Loss Statement and Balance Sheet

  • P&L based on Cap Income and cash expenses

  • P&L by Health Plan and Product

  • IBNR Report and Authorizations Trending

  • Financial Indicators with historical comparison

  • Enrollment by PCP

  • Specialty breakdowns

  • Customized reports can be programmed by request for analysis of specific criteria and/or broader periods of time.

AMM can assist with other decisions that reduce financial obligations, provide better pricing for products or services, reduce tax liabilities or increase income potential through investing IPA funds.

AMM will submit such written reports and make presentations to the Board as necessary. Profitability for the IPA is often the result of disbursements from risk pools. AMM will perform basic analysis of risk pool information provided by Health Plans and hospital partners to ensure that the payments are in accordance with the contractual rates in place with the institutional providers. The analysis will combine risk pool information with utilization data to identify areas where the risk pool experience is most financially advantageous to the IPA. AMM also handles re-insurance policies, stop/loss reporting, incentive programs, and distribution of risk pool surpluses or provider bonus payments as requested.